5 Tips on How to Keep your Baby Cool this Summer


1.       Pick the Right Clothes.  Dress you baby in loose-fitting, lightweight clothes preferably made from a natural fibre like cotton. 2.       Make use of Air Ventilation. Remove any padding from around your baby’s cot to allow for ventilation.  Open windows in a few rooms in the house to allow for a through-breeze. 3.       Keep your Baby Hydrated Make sure your baby is drinking enough throughout the day.  If you are … Read More →

The winter chill…

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 19.14.58

“Mum your bag is very summery didn’t you know its winter now!” How true as the seasons change so must our wardrobe. It’s time to squeeze back into the jeans, get out the woolies and dust off the boots. That can only mean one thing – the need for a new bag! This is certainly one of my favourites for winter time…goes with everything and looks super chic in the … Read More →


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 7.10.36

When my toddler refused to eat most things I remember my Mom once telling me try and get him to eat an egg a day, (disguised how ever you need to) but at least you know there is goodness in his eating. Do you have picky eaters in your family? Well before they get stuck into the chocolate eggs at Easter time try some of these tempting ideas to get … Read More →

Happy Valentines!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.22.53

Happy Valentines! Well even if your partner forgets the kids are all over Valentines like a rash! Whilst chocolates hearts litter the supermarket isles us mom’s can take control and get the little ones making gifts for the family. You can get as creative as you like, just make sure you have some pink food colouring and lots of sprinkles…! These are some of the ideas we just love… Enormous … Read More →

Hi ho hi ho its off to school we go…

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 20.53.12

Another year passes, have your little ones started school this year? Its always hard to let go, but let me tell you the little ones love to make new friends, love to get messy, and love to play new games. If you are finding it difficult to settle your little ones at school or nursery, I have gathered a few tips to help you: 1. A calm morning will start … Read More →

Lollipop lollipop ohhhh lolli-lollipop

We are so excited to launch our new range Lollipop and Cosmos. What better way to start the summer than with bright vibrant colours – nobody can get the baby blues with one of these beauties! So that’s us Mom’s Christmas list sorted…what are the top 5 gifts for the kiddies this year…? 1. Anna and Elsa Frozen dolls 2. Magic trick sets 3. Lego (Friends for the girls, City … Read More →

Decorating the tree…

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 12.32.47

Gone are the days where my tree has been decorated with themed jewels and ribbons. The children’s decorations however make your tree totally individual and every year when its time to get the box of goodies out reminds of what they made the year before… So lets get making some tree decorations the best of course are the ones you can make together… last year we made some decorations from … Read More →

Coming to the Expo?

mama magic

Coming to the Expo? We really love our time at the MamaMagic Expo’s…meeting Mom’s-to-be meeting new Mom’s and generally getting all exciting about doing what we all do best…being the best Mom we possibly can be. And then we are there to add a little touch of glamour, we even have some great special offers too. So before kiddies we would walk past the handbag shops adding to our birthday … Read More →

Are we there yet?

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.44.33

School holidays are here…again. Are you going off on a road trip? My little ones are always trying to think of new ways to get there faster, and Mom’s are always trying to think of new games to keep everyone occupied especially when the ipads have died and movies are off! We can’t always rely on the electric baby sitter so here are a couple of games we enjoy playing… … Read More →

4 months and counting…

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 08.45.28

It’s 4 months until Christmas! How did that happen – do the years go faster as we get older? I bet none of you have started planning yet, but now is the time to get organized. If you are flying to see relatives those airfares are rocketing! So with the recent craze of loom bands (I find those little bands get everywhere!!!) what do we think will be the Christmas … Read More →


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