Accidents happen…

Accidents happen

Day one of our friends arriving from the UK to enjoy some quality family time with a toddler and a little boy of three and whoops…its Sunday afternoon looking in the rock pools when ouch a trip and a head plant into the rocks. Shock horror to see that the poor little boy has knocked his front teeth and there is a lot of blood…what to do??? Fortunately we were … Read More →

Parenting and playing….there are some rules

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 09.38.38

How are you Mom’s coping with the school holidays…so far so good? Take a look at some of the games we suggested in our last blog post. I thought we should mention a few house rules when playing with our kids to avoid any unnecessary incidents! Playing with children it’s less about what you do and more about the way you do it. Here are some handy ‘dos and don’ts’ … Read More →

Indoor Play…school holidays!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 09.31.26

Its raining outside, its chilly inside its just the beginning of winter. What are your kiddies favourite indoor games? Sometimes it’s the simple games that you can even make for yourselves which are the most fun…. Your home can make an exciting place to play, where children can stay happily occupied, using their imagination and learning to play together. What’s more, once they’ve finished, tidying-up can be part of the … Read More →

Winter Warmers

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 14.54.07

With that chill in the air it’s certainly time to thing about keeping warm with wholesome soups…whether you are a mom to be or have a little brood to feed there is no better way to get the vitamins and goodness with a bowl of home made soup. But hold on a minute – do our kiddies like soup? How can we encourage them to eat it? I have tried … Read More →

Thumbs, teddies and dummies…

Teddy Bear Lost and Found

I’m sure a lot of you noticed the increase in photos of thumbs yesterday across your social media pages as the hoards of voters were brandished with an ugly spot on their thumb nail! How many of you are still trying to get it off? Anyway it got me thinking about our precious little bundles – have your babies been thumb suckers or dummy monsters or just inseparable with that … Read More →

Easter Holidays…

Easter Holidays…. Is it me, or does the weather switch change to winter on Easter weekend? As soon as the Easter egg hunt is complete, it’s time to sit by the fire and eat all the goodies… I thought I would suggest some activities for you and your little ones when the chocolate has been hidden and its time for some indoors family time. If you want some Easter colouring … Read More →

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate…

Every time I walk in Woollies I am bombarded with the sight of chocolate eggs, cars, bunnies, chicks, even chocolate carrots…The temptation is just immense.  The problem I have as a Mom, if I buy in advance of Easter I can pretty much guarantee that they will be eaten before the Easter egg hunt is even thought of.  Of course what happens, you leave it until the last minute, you … Read More →

Names…how difficult can it really be?

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 08.12.16

I was recently with a Mom-to-be and of course we got onto the topic of names…now she was expecting her third – has already used her best boy and girl name so now the process starts. I have found that a lot of people find out what they are having these days…where is the element of surprise?  I was a firm believer in surprise…(although it would have been handy when … Read More →

Share the love…

With Valentines day around the corner we at Momi baby bags want to share the love….in a practical way. How do moms remember everything? Are you a list maker, a digital diarist, post it note queen? Or shall we just admit that we don’t always remember but we prepare ourselves for every eventuality…we are super moms lets face it! To help get you organized we have compiled a list of … Read More →

Commuting in your slippers…

Commuting in your slippers

How many of you moms have had the conversation with your boss about retuning to work part time? How many of you found it plain sailing and how many hit a million hurdles? Its daunting enough going back to work after maternity leave – what if I’ve forgotten how to do my job? What if the temporary was better than me, how can I pick up my little ones from … Read More →


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